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PPC advertising is a great way to accelerate your digital marketing campaign and get results quicker. While organic SEO allows you to drive free traffic, it also takes longer to establish yourself in the rankings. A Baton Rouge PPC agency can help you create ads within your budget and increase your ROI.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click. Pay-per-click advertising is a type of advertising in which it’s free to display ads – you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Typically, the cost per click will depend on a bidding system. The more people bidding on a specific keyword, the more each click will cost you.

Many small business owners are wary of venturing into paid advertising, as it can be hard to know whether an ad campaign will be profitable. The advantage of PPC is that you know you won’t pay anything until someone clicks on your ad and visits your landing page or website.

As long as you optimize your landing page and target the right audience, you’ll have an easier way of calculating ad revenue and overall ROI.

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How a Baton Rouge PPC Agency Can Help

Here are the different services we offer to small business owners, whether you’re new to PPC or want to improve your existing campaign’s effectiveness.

Keyword Research

The first step is keyword research. Keyword research for PPC differs from keyword research for SEO and requires different tools. Two of the most important metrics we look at when selecting keywords are monthly search volume and average CPC (cost per click).

Keywords with less competition have a lower CPC, although the average CPC can vary from one industry to another. Even if a keyword has a high CPC, it’s possible to earn a good ROI from it, which brings us to the topic of buyer intent.

Choosing the right keywords is also about finding keywords that your target audience is using. A keyword that is too broad might lack buyer intent.

One question we ask is whether the person using that keyword would be interested in clicking on your ad and paying for your service, or whether they are only interested in free stuff and DIY solutions. Those people would be more interested in the blog posts that appear in the organic search results section.

Multi-channel Advertising

When small business owners think of PPC, Google is often the first platform that comes to mind. However, Bing and Yahoo are also important search engines, making up over 10 percent of the global search engine market share. Bing PPC ads show up on both search engines (Bing and Yahoo) as well as AOL.

Often, the CPC for a keyword can be cheaper on Bing than on Google, but you can get the same conversion rates and results.

PPC advertising is not limited to search engines, either. Various social media sites use a PPC model, and there are also PPC ad distribution networks that will place your ad on third-party websites.

We will identify the best channels for your business based on your industry and goals and create targeted ads on different channels to help you achieve success.


Even if you’re only paying per click, it’s important to write ad copy that converts. The ad copy has to match the landing page – you don’t want an ad that promises one thing and a landing page that shows something else. That would lead to many clicks but few conversions, hurting your ROI.

Our team is digital marketing experienced in writing ad copy that leads to conversions, lead signups, and sales.

Landing Page Optimization

Getting visitors to click on your ad is only the first step. The next step is converting them once they land on your page, and you need a strong sales copy to accomplish that.

Our team of web designers and  writer can create a landing page copy that targets visitors’ pain points and gets a positive reaction out of them. We may use bullet lists, images, videos, and other media. We may use tactics such as generating FOMO and creating scarcity to increase sales, if appropriate for the campaign.

A/B Split Testing

If you want to get the best results from your PPC campaign, it’s important to do A/B split testing. Split testing involves using two similar versions of the same ad (version A and version B). While the two ads will be mostly identical, there may be slight differences, such as different CTAs.

Similarly, we can run the same ad with two landing page versions. We may experiment using a red font on one landing page and standard black font on another. These are just examples – there are many things you can test with A/B split testing.

Then, we’ll compare the results and figure out which version performed better. Using this strategy, we can test multiple ad and landing page components until we’ve fully optimized your campaign for maximum conversions.

Customer Journey Optimization

Often, your campaign doesn’t end once you get a user to complete an action on a landing page. For example, your landing page might get people to sign up for your email list or place a call to one of your sales agents. You still need to send them automated email follow-ups or call them back to get them to convert.

We can help advise you on how to optimize your PPC campaign and conversion flow to get more sales and repeat customers.

Analytics and Reporting

We will provide you with reports showing your progress and success. We’ll keep track of how your PPC campaigns are performing, which ads are bringing in revenue, and more to give you the complete picture of how your marketing budget is working for you.

In-House vs. an Agency: Which Is Better?

There are two ways to do PPC marketing. One is to use your in-house marketing team to run your campaigns, while the other is to outsource them to an agency.

Keeping things in-house has some benefits, especially for large enterprises that can afford to hire large marketing teams. However, it also comes with many disadvantages.

Your in-house marketer might be great at SEO, but they might not specialize in PPC. If so, they might have to go through a learning curve, during which you may end up wasting money on unprofitable campaigns.

If you don’t yet have an in-house marketer, you will have to hire someone. The hiring and onboarding process can be lengthy and stressful.

One of the benefits of in-house marketing is that you have more oversight over what your team is doing. However, you can solve this problem by choosing an agency that maintains full transparency about their methods and keeps you in the know about your results.

You’ll be able to rely on the expertise of marketers who have dealt with many businesses similar to yours. They know what works and can help you minimize your overall ad spend while reaching your target ROI.


PPC is one of the best ways to drive more traffic and sales. You won’t have to worry about paying for advertising spots without getting any traffic or clicks; if you don’t get any clicks, you won’t have to pay anything.

You also get to choose which keywords and audiences to target, thus reducing spending by avoiding target audiences that don’t fit into your customer base.

A Baton Rouge PPC agency will start with an initial consultation, during which they will learn more about your needs and goals and come up with a plan to help you reach them.

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