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Your SEO strategy has a direct impact on how your website appears in search results. From appearing for the right searches to boosting your ranking, your SEO efforts are one of the keys to your success.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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Why Should You Rely on an SEO Expert in Baton Rouge?

Search engine optimization can be technical and complex. Instead of going through a process of trial and error, you can get results much faster by getting help from professionals who already know which techniques will work best for your goals.

You should also know that SEO is a field that is constantly changing. Search engines release algorithm updates regularly. Among the most recent changes, Google released a helpful content update that gives priority to quality content written as a response to the rise of AI-generated content. Keeping up with these algorithm updates can mean adopting new SEO strategies.

SEO experts can also help you approach search engine optimization in a strategic manner. They can analyze what competitors are doing, target the most valuable keywords, and keep up with the trends your target audience is following.

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Our SEO Strategies for Baton Rouge Businesses

Baton Rouge SEO experts can help your business stand out online by implementing the following strategies.

Creating a Functional Website

Before looking at your content or the strategies you use to attract visitors, it’s important to make sure you have a functional website.

A functional website design will result in a better experience for visitors. People will visit your site again and spend more time exploring your content, two factors that can improve your rankings in search results.

Search engines also need your site to be functional so they can index your pages properly. Technical problems can prevent a search engine from determining what a page is about or indexing it.

SEO experts can improve the technical elements of your website by cleaning up your code, fixing broken links, and recommending a logical navigation scheme.

With mobile users representing close to 59% of all online traffic, it’s also important to optimize your site for mobile and improve your page loading speed. Google will rank your site higher if it loads fast and works well on mobile.

You can work with an SEO company to increase your loading speed, for instance, by using smaller images, eliminating redirects, or caching your pages.

Generating Consistent NAP Citations

A NAP citation is an element Google and other search engines look for to identify brick-and-mortar businesses. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone.

A NAP citation is essentially a mention of your business along with your content information. These citations need to be consistent, and you should pay attention to details such as the way different sites spell your business name.

If you get several NAP citations from reliable local directories and other sources relevant to the Baton Rouge area, Google will interpret these citations as a signal that your business is a great result to show local users.

SEO experts can audit your website and look for more opportunities to add NAP citations, for instance, by creating a detailed Contact page or adding a NAP citation to your footer.

You can also work with an SEO company to audit external NAP citations, ensure these citations are accurate and up-to-date and look for opportunities to create more NAP citations.

Bring Targeted Traffic with Link Building

Quality links from trustworthy sources have two advantages. They bring more traffic to your site, and search engines analyze these links to assess the authority and trustworthiness of your domain name.

Getting some quality links from authoritative local sources can help your search result rankings besides bringing more users from the Baton Rouge area to your website.

A team of SEO experts can help you develop content that will invite quality links as people use your content as a reference.

There are other strategies you can explore to build a network of quality backlinks:

  • You can claim business listings in different local and national directories.
  • Social media platforms can be a good way to share a static link to your site in your profile description, as well as links to your blog posts and other pages with status updates.
  • Consider joining local business associations, such as the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce, the Business Associates of Baton Rouge, or the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.
  • Mentions in interviews or news stories from local publications can result in quality backlinks. Examples include the Advocate, the Baton Rouge Weekly Press, WBRZ, WAFB, and WVLA among others.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Search engines take online reviews and ratings into consideration. Positive review signals can indicate that users will be more likely to find your goods and services satisfying and can warrant a higher spot in search results.

A positive online reputation can also help convince users to visit your business after finding it online.

SEO experts can help identify opportunities for generating more ratings and reviews. Strategies you can use include:

  • Joining sites where you will get ratings and reviews, including social media platforms and business directories.
  • Claiming the auto-generated listings some business directories publish.
  • Asking your customers to take a few minutes to rate your business or write a short review.

Performing Keyword Research

What do cheap gas, live crabs, acai bowls, and Jamaican food have in common? These things are among the top ten most common local searches for the Baton Rouge area.

Search trends can reflect what is popular among your target audience, but they can also help you identify the exact words or phrases these users are likely to use.

By conducting keyword research, a Baton Rouge SEO service can help you identify the unique words and phrases you should use to target an audience in a specific area.

You can then use these keywords to optimize your existing content or develop new content around these search trends. Optimizing your content goes beyond writing copy that uses strong keywords. Search engines will look for keywords in your page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, and more.

Focusing on Localized Content

Developing localized content can go a long way in boosting your rankings in local results. SEO experts can help you identify opportunities for creating localized blog posts or even adding new pages to your site.

However, you can also leverage other platforms. As Google adds more result types to its search result pages, businesses can benefit from being active on social media, creating images and infographics, or developing video content.

You can localize your content with keywords related to Baton Rouge, nearby areas, zip codes, or landmarks. It’s also important to make sure the content is uniquely relevant to a local audience.

Connecting With Users on Google Maps

A simple way to boost your rankings in local searches is to claim your Google My Business profile. Once you have claimed your profile, you will have more control over the information Google displays about your business in Google Maps and other platforms.

You can update your business information, upload photos, answer questions from users, and respond to reviews once you claim your profile.

With a quarter of searches not resulting in a click, a growing number of users turn to Google to find instant answers to their questions instead of visiting a webpage. Google Maps is a great way to connect with your audience without requiring them to click on your site first.

SEO factors into digital marketing as it helps your site appear in search results. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is also effective and affordable since you only pay a fee each time a potential customer clicks on your ad.

Local SEO should be a priority if you own a business in the Baton Rouge area. The experts at Mindflow Marketing can help you implement the strategies discussed above and more.

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