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Researching legal topics online is often the first step a potential client takes before hiring a lawyer. Ensuring that your content is easy to find in search results can turn your website into a powerful lead-generation tool for your law firm.

However, competition can be tough. Let’s take a closer look at the best law firm SEO strategies to help you stand out online.

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Keywords for Law Firms

Optimizing your content with strong keywords will help search engines understand your content and how it relates to a search. Choosing the right keywords is a strategic decision:
  • You should use keywords and search phrases your audience is likely to use. Avoid advanced legal jargon.
  • Target potential clients by prioritizing keywords that express an intent to hire an attorney.
  • Be smart about your competition. It can pay to focus on the keywords your competitors are overlooking.
Placing your keywords in the right spots is just as important as selecting the right search terms. Your goal should be to create copy where keywords happen naturally. Search engines prioritize quality content that feels natural, especially since Google’s helpful content update. You can also structure your content by placing keywords in headers or adding keywords to your URL, page title, meta description, alt tags, and more.

Optimize Your Site Design and Site Loading Speed

Search engines prioritize mobile-friendly results since close to 55% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Plus, a mobile-friendly site will result in a better experience for users researching legal topics on the go. These strategies will help you create a mobile-friendly site for your law firm:
  • Adopt a responsive design to display your content on various devices and screen sizes.
  • Use a streamlined design that draws attention to important information, especially on a small screen. White space can be a great way to make important element pop.
  • Replace navigation elements with tiles or large buttons.
  • Increase the text size and use bold text or bullet points to help users skim your content.
  • Make sure the key takeaways and calls to action stand out.
Whether users visit your law firm website on desktop or mobile, your site loading speed is another factor that can impact your SEO ranking. Any successful law firm SEO strategy should incorporate the following methods to help your site load faster:
  • Choose a reliable web hosting service with no limits on your bandwidth.
  • Use fewer images or lower the resolution to help visual content load faster.
  • Simplify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Having fewer lines of code means a page can load faster.
  • Get rid of redirects.
  • A CDN can use a network of proxy servers to create caches for your web pages. Users can load your content faster by connecting to the nearest proxy servers.

SEO and Content Marketing

Your SEO and content marketing strategies should go hand in hand. Your SEO efforts will allow you to connect with users conducting a search. Next, your content marketing will help potential clients learn more about the legal topic they are interested in and generate awareness of the services you offer. Your content marketing efforts directly support your SEO goals since each new piece of content has the potential to rank in search results. These strategies will help you turn your content marketing strategy into an effective SEO tool:
  • Conduct keyword research regularly to update your SEO strategy and identify new topics to cover with your content marketing efforts.
  • Creating blog posts and other pieces of content regularly will support your SEO efforts since search engines value fresh content.
  • Consider expanding your content marketing efforts to work with a wider range of formats. Videos, social media posts, and images can appear in search results.
  • When developing new content, make sure you optimize it to rank in search results. You should use keywords and format your content to appear in featured snippets or People Also Ask questions.

Link Building

Adopting a logical link structure for your law firm website will help search engines crawl your content and find more pages to index. It will also help visitors find more relevant content and result in longer sessions.

Internal Linking

Your internal linking efforts should make navigation easier and help users discover more content:
  • Keep your menu options to a minimum. Having five or six main categories will make navigation easier and can prevent keyword cannibalization between pages that are too similar.
  • Use a secondary navigation scheme to help users discover more content. You can use a combined menu or a prominent search box.
  • Create pillar pages. The purpose of these pages is to act as a comprehensive guide to a broad topic. You can add links to pages about related subtopics that target important keyword clusters.
  • Without overwhelming users with links, use relevant anchor text to add a few internal links to your copy so users can discover relevant blog posts.

External Linking

External links are another important element of your SEO for law firm strategy. These links can bring traffic to your site and support your SEO efforts by sending signals that you are an authoritative and trusted source for the topics you discuss. You should have a strategy in place to generate quality backlinks to your content. Here are a few sources you can use:
  • Your social media pages can funnel traffic to your site if you add a link in your bio and share content from your legal blog.
  • As a lawyer, you’re in a unique position to comment on local events from a legal perspective or answer questions. Think about partnering with local news sources to write a weekly column.
  • Your law firm can take part in local events by supporting non-profits. These events will result in backlinks from news sites and other sources.
  • Consider guest blogging for legal sites. This strategy won’t help you target local traffic, but it can increase your authority in the eyes of search engines.
  • If writing content isn’t your thing, think about appearing as a guest on a legal podcast or video series.
  • Focus on developing quality and original content that will invite backlinks from the sites that want to use your content as a reference.

Local SEO for Your Law Firm

You can use SEO to localize your content and connect with potential clients in your zip code:
  • Optimize your site with local keywords. Examples include your city, state, and zip code. You can also mention nearby cities, neighborhoods, or landmarks.
  • Develop content that is relevant to local users and share it on social media.
  • Seek backlinks from local sources. Local newspapers, magazines, non-profits, or your local Chamber of Commerce website are great options.
  • Make sure to include NAP mentions on every page of your site. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone. A NAP mention in your footer will help connect your site to a location.
  • Add your business to legal and local directories and claim any existing profiles. Add a link to your site and update your information.

Off-Site SEO and Google Maps

Did you know that 57% of mobile users don’t click on a webpage after conducting a search? Search engines are increasingly focusing on result formats that provide users with answers without visiting a webpage. Off-site SEO can help you connect with local users via platforms like Google Maps. You should claim your Google My Business listing and update your information if you haven’t already. A GMB profile with images, reviews, and hours will receive more attention. contact us  These law firm SEO strategies will help your law firm website rank higher in search results and bring more traffic to your content. While you can implement some of these strategies yourself, you should consider working with an SEO agency to save time and benefit from working with experienced professionals.

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