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Welcome to the realm of data visualization! Let your brains rest and easily digest complex SEO concepts.

Local SEO Infographic


Are you a fan of Star Wars? Well, here is a chance that this geeky passion of yours helps you learn the intricacies of Local SEO!

This is our first infographic of the Local SEO Wars saga. The first episode in the series: Citation Inconsistency Awakens is focused on episode VII of the famous film series and explains the importance of converting one’s incorrect or outdated local citations to the Light.

In Internet much close-by your business is fighting for high local rankings. Your citations are letting you down…

Do you have what it takes to take on this tough journey in the web space of Local SEO? Finn will guide you through armies of brainwashed Stormtroopers and outdated citations that threaten the online visibility of your business.

You’ll receive master guidance from great Star Wars characters like Yoda, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, even from Emperor Paplatine and Darth Vader himself!

Be prepared for action, feel the Local SEO Force and use it for knowledge and defense against unfavorable drops of your local rankings.

We’ll help you become a true Local SEO jedi!

Local SEO Infographic


Google has been the indisputable leader on the search engine market for years now. And while Bing is known to be his top rival it could hardly impress with competitive daily or yearly search traffic.

In this monopolistic state of search, it is impressive to see how a petite search engine project wins a title so glorious as “Google’s Fiercest Competitor”. You’d wonder how such a relatively unpopular search engine could be invited to the big game? Easy: DuckDuckGo is offers to its fans the one thing Google will never settle to grant to its users: absolute privacy.

In our infographic we put the two ‘contenders’ side by side as to help you distinguish the huge differences in their ideology, historical advancements, search principles, privacy toleration, transparency, advertising and monetizing techniques, and much more.

Are you a Google fan, a privacy concerned online user, a tech geek or simply a curious mind – this infographic offers a great food for thought that you’d most definitely enjoy and appreciate!

Local SEO Infographic


Rule the Local Results is our first infographic project. We released it in late 2014 as a comprehensive overview of the LocalSEO dynamics that still offers great value even in today’s hectic search environment.

Rule the Local Result will reveal to you the best practices as well as the major mistakes one could commit when trying to achieve wide internet exposure. Learn the do’s and don’ts of managing the Google Local pages, online citations, customer reviews, official company website and the inbound links of your business.

We give away industry intel that will surely come in handy if you are facing real LocalSEO dilemmas and ranking problems.

Rule the Local Results is a precious resource that you should definitely skim through, especially if you are after local search domination!