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Google Ads Management

Are you looking for a way to improve brand visibility while increasing qualified leads? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising accomplishes all this and more, making it a key tool in your marketing strategy.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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Why You Need Google Ads Management Services

Unfortunately, running successful Google Ad campaigns requires a deep understanding of how Google Ads work, the factors that influence their success, and how to maximize their performance. Goods Ads marketing encompasses a diverse array of ad types, including:

  • Search ads that promote your website and landing pages through a particular search engine
  • Display ads to deliver an image or promo shot through Google’s Display network
  • Shopping ads that list your products in a shopping selection of search engine results
  • Local ads that provide hyperlocalized content perfect for targeting customers in one region

Working with a third-party digital marketing company like Mindflow Marketing, ensures you get the expertise you need to succeed. Our team of digital marketing strategists will get to know your company, industry, and goals before providing you with the Google Ads management services necessary to optimize your Google Ads campaign. 

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Our Google Ads Management Services

Google Ad campaigns are deceptively simple — create a short ad for a particular keyword and wait for the clicks and traffic to flow. Unfortunately, it’s easy to start losing money on a badly designed campaign, either through a lack of interest from customers or poor lead conversion strategies. At OptLocal, we help you address every aspect of your PPC strategy with our comprehensive Google Ads management services. 

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is the foundation of any paid search ad, as it can help you target customers at a specific point in their buyer journey and encourage them to take the actions you want. However, keywords can also be competitive, and it’s vital to find the right mix of keywords to target, negative keywords to avoid, and keyword groups to zero in on various user intents and target audience needs. 

We use advanced tools and years of proven SEO and PPC strategies to help us develop a keyword strategy that ensures high-quality lead generation and compelling ads. 

Competitor Research

Many businesses are already dominating the bidding for Google Ads, making it difficult for new companies to make their mark. We conduct in-depth competitor research to discover your standing in the industry and what you can do to stand out from the crowd. 

Daily Monitoring

We monitor several key performance indicators, including impressions, click-through rate, ad rank, and conversion rate, to create a clear picture of your campaign’s success. As Google Ads interventions show rapid results, this monitoring is an essential component of any Google Ads management services.

Compelling Ad Copy

Great ad copy differentiates a mediocre ad campaign from an excellent one. We work with experienced copywriters and ad professionals, using A/B split testing and past campaign performance to provide optimized, proven ad copy. 

Reporting and Optimization

While we use daily monitoring to course-correct on some aspects of an ongoing Google Ads campaign, we also conduct a thorough post-campaign analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, and options for future PPC interventions. 

The Benefits of Google Ads Management Services

PPC ads have a proven track record, with over 74% of brands saying that PPC is a driver for their business success. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or need assistance with your future Google Ads campaigns, our Google Ads management services can help with:

Targeted Ads: Google Ads campaigns give you granular control over your target audience. Whether you sell one product or provide several services, a third-party ad manager will ensure your customers get ads that are applicable to their needs. 

Controlled Costs: PPC budgets can quickly add up, and poor lead conversion rates can make these campaigns unprofitable and costly. An experienced management service can identify budget areas, keeping your PPC spending on track while delivering visible results. 

Why Choose Mindflow Marketing as Your Google Ads Manager

We take a client-first, results-oriented approach, which allows us to focus on creating tailored campaigns for your needs. We understand that every client is unique, and we’ll invest the time to understand your business, its marketing goals, and the wider industry, ensuring measurable results that benefit your organization. 

Our team of consultants has a diverse range of SEO, PPC, and digital marketing experience, allowing us to create a proven track record of success with businesses from various sectors. 

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