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Microsoft Advertising Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a popular way of expanding your digital marketing portfolio. However, many businesses make the mistake of focusing exclusively on one search engine, leading to missed opportunities to promote your services or products. 

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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What You Need to Consider When Looking for Microsoft Advertising Services

Microsoft advertising offers an exciting alternative ecosystem due to the ubiquity of Windows as a desktop solution and the rising popularity of Bing as a search engine. While it may not have the market share of Google, being within the Microsoft Audience Network means you can reach a more mature, less competitive market. As with Google, Microsoft allows you to place various ad types, including:

  • Text ads that display above organic search results
  • Product ads that showcase your online store’s products during a Bing search
  • Audience ads that appear on various websites as an image
  • App install ads that promote your app instead of a landing page

Leveraging these ads requires an understanding of Microsoft’s paid search nuances, and using an experienced digital marketing agency is the best way to maximize your ad budget. At Mindflow Marketing, we provide Microsoft advertising services to ensure that you get high-quality results while staying on budget.

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Microsoft Advertising Services We Offer

Mindflow Marketing offers a comprehensive suite of Microsoft advertising services encompassing the whole campaign, from selecting keywords to monitoring and evaluating. Our expert team has proven experience with PPC across various search engines, and we always tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Ongoing Strategy

Our Microsoft campaigns start with robust keyword research and analysis to ensure that you’re targeting the correct audience at the perfect time. A major factor in any paid search campaign’s effectiveness is understanding your customers and their search patterns. By implementing negative keywords and groups, we can hone in on particular audiences with exceptional accuracy, showing them the ideal ad for that stage in their buyer’s journey.

We also keep track of Microsoft’s algorithm to ensure high ad visibility and rank to drive high-quality traffic to your landing pages. 

A/B Split Ad Testing

The rapid nature of PPC marketing means we can use A/B split ad testing to determine the optimal ad for your particular landing page. By comparing how two ads perform, A/B testing reveals audience preferences and behaviors, providing valuable information about everything from ad copy to CTA placement. 

Monthly Reporting and Audits

We constantly monitor key performance indicators such as click-through rate, conversion rate, impression share, and the cost per action/cost per conversion. These indicators help us measure the campaign’s success in meeting your marketing goals and adjust them accordingly. 

We also perform a monthly campaign audit to determine the direction of the campaign and make any alternations if necessary. This information-driven approach means you always know what’s going on and have the data to make the right decisions regarding future PPC interventions. 

Conversion Tracking

PPC campaigns rely on conversions to succeed — a paid search campaign where people click on your ad but don’t follow through can be extremely costly and unproductive. We evaluate factors influencing conversion rates, such as landing pages and CTAs, to optimize your conversion rate, ensuring you get the best possible ROI from your Microsoft advertising campaign. 

The Benefits of Microsoft Advertising

Google dominates the digital marketing landscape, so what’s the value in investing in Microsoft advertising services? Investing in paid ad services for multiple search engines means you get a diversified set of ads that complement each other. 

Investing in Microsoft ads offers several benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: Microsoft ad bids are significantly more affordable than Google Ads while offering the same functionality. 
  • Less competition: Many common keywords are highly competitive in Google’s environment, and breaking through requires extensive resources. Focusing your efforts on a smaller search engine provides you with an audience that’s easier to reach. According to a 2019 WordStream report, up to 30% of U.S searches stem from Bing, making it an untapped market for many organizations. 

Why Choose Mindflow Marketing for Your Microsoft Advertising Services?

PPC campaigns across various search engines have unique nuances that can affect their effectiveness. Mindflow Marketing has a large team of PPC specialists with diverse backgrounds and over 20 years of digital marketing experience. This expertise allows us to tailor your Microsoft advertising services to your needs, ensuring you get the best possible results for your investment. 

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