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Shopify Development Services

Are you planning to open an online store using Shopify or Shopify Plus? At Mindflow Marketing, we help eCommerce, SaaS, SMB, enterprise, and industrial clients plan user-friendly online stores with our suite of Shopify development services. 

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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Open Your Online Store with Shopify Development Services

While Shopify does allow you to open your own online store in just a few clicks, managing your theme customization, posting items for sale, and managing product variables for color or size options can be tricky without experience. We help business owners of all sizes use Shopify or Shopify Plus to:

  • Build an online store identity and presence
  • Improve brand recognition and consumer trust
  • Compete in their industry
  • Increase sales of their products and services online

Trust Mindflow Marketing to help your company create and manage your Shopify store. We can help you with Shopify web development to create a user-friendly shopping experience for new and returning customers on every visit to your store.

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Our Shopify Development Services

Shopify and Shopify Plus solutions allow users to open a store and begin selling for a range of monthly and payment processing fees, depending on the service package. At Mindflow Marketing, we offer several Shopify development services to improve the user experience in your online store, including:

Theme Development and Design

With theme customization, we integrate your company’s branding seamlessly into your Shopify online store. We will incorporate your colors, logos, iconography, fonts, and more into your Shopify site and eCommerce platform.

Shopify SEO

Shopify offers a complete and customizable website experience for users visiting your store. But how will they find you? We can incorporate SEO best practices into developing your product descriptions and meta information for Google and other search engines to find your store in a sea of competitors.

App Configuration and Integration

We can integrate third-party apps with your Shopify store or develop custom apps to improve the functions you expect from a service like Shopify. Get apps to help you manage order processing and tracking, inventory tracking, advertising, analytics, and more.

Payment Management

While Shopify accepts and will integrate with third-party payment processors like PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and more, it can be a hassle setting up all the different payment options. Let us handle setting up your payment and shipping options.

Product Catalog and Inventory

Adding products and managing your inventory on Shopify can be a daunting task, especially for items with several different colors or sizes. At Mindflow Marketing, we can add your product photos, descriptions, starting counts, prices, and more to create your store catalog.

Store Migration

Do you have an existing store on another platform that you want to move to Shopify? Let us migrate your product images, text, reviews, stored customer profiles, and other essential data to the Shopify platform.

How Your Company Benefits from Shopify Development Services

Whether you’re creating a new store or moving to Shopify from another platform, you’re already busy trying to run your business. Trying to learn the skills you need to create and manage your Shopify online store  and optimize for dozens of SEO ranking factors would take time that you don’t have as a business owner. Instead, you can put those additional tasks on an experienced Shopify development agency.

At Mindflow Marketing, we have over 20 years of experience developing websites, branding, and eCommerce solutions for business clients of all sizes. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, you can build your online store and start selling with Shopify development services in a snap with our help.

Why Choose Mindflow Marketing for Shopify Development Services

We offer custom solutions for businesses using Shopify and Shopify Plus for their eCommerce sales. Whether you sell physical products or subscription services, we can help your business flourish with our wide array of Shopify development services. Build your brand and increase your sales with our help managing your Shopify online store.

We can help you create your store, add your products and services, manage your sales, and track your results. High-quality analytics can determine which ads, discounts, products, and trends have influenced your sales in the moment, recently, and historically. Trust our development and analytics experts to create and manage your most effective Shopify tools. At Mindflow Marketing, we offer:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Total transparency
  • Results-oriented service
  • Integrity
  • Customer-focused solutions

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