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Site Speed Optimization

User experience isn’t only a good idea anymore—it’s one of the main ranking factors in search engine optimization. In mid-2021, Google integrated a series of metrics tracking page speed into its search algorithm, and other major search engines quickly followed suit.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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Build a Stable, User-friendly Website with Our Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization Services

As a result, search engine rankings no longer only focus on keywords but page speed and core web vitals optimization as well. The four primary factors that search engines use to determine a site’s user experience score are:

  • First Input Delay
  • Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • First Contentful Paint

Your website’s first input delay score refers to its load responsiveness. How quickly can a user interact with your page? The ideal score is faster than 100 milliseconds. Your cumulative layout shift (CLS) score indicates your page’s stability and how the layout of the page moves during loading. Your first and largest contentful paint scores show how quickly the content on your web page loads.

If this all sounds like Greek to you, don’t worry. At Mindflow Marketing, our suite of local SEO services includes website optimizes for these key metrics and more. You can rely on us to design your website for user experience. This benefits not only your company’s search engine rankings, but your visitors’ ultimate experience and retention rate.

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Page Speed and Core Web Vitals Optimization Services

Without a responsive, functional website, all the link building and careful keyword research in the world won’t drive the traffic you need. The page speed and core web vitals optimization services we offer include:

Optimizing Core Web Vitals

This element of technical SEO is critical to attracting and keeping visitors to your website. Optimizing your core web vitals has knock-on effects across the board, improving your search rankings. The faster your website’s load times are, the more likely you are to convert a visitor into a paying customer. You’ll also be able to handle the higher level of traffic that comes to your website.

Prioritizing Mobile-Friendliness

As smartphones get smarter and people increasingly rely on their mobile devices instead of their desktops, neglecting mobile users means losing sales. Optimizing your website for mobile friendliness doesn’t mean creating a whole separate site. Our web design experts can make sure that your site works well on both large and small screens.

Improving Visual Stability

How often does your site’s layout change unexpectedly as it loads? The less it does, the happier your users will be. In an ideal world, your website would appear instantly in the browser window of everyone who wanted to look at it. We can design your web pages to load the important information first and stop buttons and text from shifting around as the rest of the page loads.

Enhancing Site Reliability

One of the best side effects of improving your core web vitals is that your website will be more reliable overall and better able to handle more users at once. This improves your scalability as well as your website’s total uptime.

How Can Improving Your Core Web Vitals Help Your Company?

Even if search engines didn’t prioritize user experience, tracking and improving your core web vitals should still be one of your company’s top priorities. Put yourself in the place of a visitor to your website: if the site doesn’t work properly or key elements don’t load, you won’t be likely to stick around long.

Google’s own Chromium team estimates that implementing core web vitals can reduce page abandonments by 24 percent. A one-second delay in page loading times reduced websites’ conversion rate by 7%.

Optimizing your core web vitals score will create a website that’s friendly not only to your users but also to the search engines that drive them to your business.

Why You Should Choose Mindflow Marketing to Optimize Your Core Web Vitals Metrics

When you’ve tried cookie-cutter digital marketing companies and want a more personal touch, work with us at Mindflow Marketing. Whether you need on-page, off-page, technical SEO, or keyword research, we provide a comprehensive suite of customer-centric and results-oriented search engine optimization services.

At Mindflow Marketing, we’ll customize your SEO campaign to your goals. With no long-term contracts, thorough progress tracking, and more than 20 years of experience, we’ll be there to guide you through the process of making your website better and bringing a world of new visitors to it.

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