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Boost Your Content Strategy: SurferSEO Guide

SurferSEO has quickly become a game-changer in the world of search engine optimization, offering content marketers and website owners an invaluable tool for optimizing their online presence. With its innovative features and data-driven approach, SurferSEO enables users to maximize their SEO efforts by analyzing top-ranking pages and providing actionable insights.

In this post, we’ll give you a detailed SurferSeo review and talk about how it can help your content reach the top of SERPs.

Surfer Seo

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool that provides data-driven analysis of what’s missing from your page, site, content plan, and more. It helps you understand exactly what Google likes to rank for all queries and SERPs.

The tool studies the top page ranking and looks at metrics like main and sub keywords usage, LSINLPTF-IDF keywords, meta tags (meta description, schema, etc.), media elements, incoming backlinks, word count, outgoing external & internal links as well as headline structure.

It goes beyond just content optimization with plenty of tools to help you research keywords effectively, analyze SERPs, and optimize your site overall, among other features. With Surfer SEO, you can also get an in-depth understanding of how competitive a keyword is by looking at its difficulty score, which shows how hard it would be to outrank competitors for that particular query.

Surfer Seo

Additionally, the tool offers suggestions on how to improve your page’s visibility by providing insights into where improvements can be made, such as adding or removing certain words or phrases to make it easier for search engines like Google to find relevant information quickly when someone searches using those terms or phrases.

Another great feature offered by Surfer SEO is its ability to identify potential opportunities within SERPS – this means that if there are any gaps in the current rankings, then this could present an opportunity for you to fill them with content tailored specifically towards those queries so that they become visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This way, users will be able to find relevant information faster while increasing traffic levels which leads directly to higher conversion rates over time. 

Surfer Seo Features

Surfer Seo Content Editor

Surfer’s content editor is a great tool for optimizing your content. You can pick the keyword you want to target, and Surfer will scrape the top results and analyze them.

Surfer’s content editor
  • Content Score 

It then gives you a limited rich text editor with in-depth suggestions on the right. This includes a content score that assesses how Google-friendly your content is compared to other entries on the SERP, as well as recommendations for formatting like word count, images used, etc. 

  • Unique Keyword Recommendations

It also provides unique keyword recommendations which tell you what keywords should be used in your article and how many times they should appear. Once these words are used enough times, they turn yellow or green, so you know it’s been done correctly.

If you click on one of these keywords, there are even more suggestions about using it within the text – although sometimes, these may not be grammatically correct or sound natural when included in an article.

  • The Outline Tab

The Outline tab creates sections of content based on competitor’s pieces, but this isn’t always 100% unique, so plagiarism checkers could easily catch it – plus, it can get thrown off by FAQ sections or sidebar info resulting in messy suggestions.

  • The Brief Tab

The Brief tab summarises competitors selected and notes added for each piece which is useful if collaborating with multiple people on the same project.

  • Tools Integration

Finally, Surfer has integrations with tools like Jasper.AI, making it extremely easy to use regardless of editorial processes. However, we think this integration is missing out on an opportunity as Jasper.AI doesn’t consider keyword recommendations when creating AI content.

Surfer’s Keyword Research Tool

The first step in using Surfer’s keyword research tool is entering a seed keyword into the search bar. This will generate a list of related keywords and their respective search volumes.

From there, you can narrow down which ones are best suited for your needs by looking at how competitive they are and whether they have enough monthly searches to be worth targeting.

Surfer's Keyword Research Tool
  • The SERP Similarity Feature

SurferSEO tool also has a unique “SERP similarity” feature that helps you determine if two different keywords should be targeted on one or separate pages. This works by measuring the overlap between the results for each keyword. 

If any of the same pages rank for both terms, then it means Google considers their synonyms, so optimizing one page around both would be more effective than creating separate pages for each term.

Unfortunately, SurferSEO does lack one key element

A keyword difficulty score measures how hard it would be to rank for certain terms based on factors like backlinks and domain authority of competing sites – something other tools do offer but not this one yet, unfortunately.

Still, though, its SERP similarity feature makes up somewhat for this deficiency since it provides valuable insight into which keywords should go together on one page versus multiple pages – something most other tools don’t offer either way.

Seo Audit Tool

The SurferSEO SEO Audit Tool is a powerful tool for assessing the performance of your website in relation to search engine optimization (SEO).

By entering a keyword and URL into the comparison section, you can quickly get an overview of how well your page is optimized for that keyword.

Seo Audit Tool

For instance, when running an audit on our “What is SEO?” guide with the keyword “SEO,” Surfer provided us with useful insights, such as word count being within the ideal range, having correct keyword density, and suggesting we consider bolding more words. It also gave us great feedback on our page loading speed. 

In addition to this basic information, Surfer also provides detailed metrics, such as content length distribution across different SERPs (search engine result pages), the average number of outbound links per article, and top-ranking pages’ TF-IDF scores.

This allows users to compare their own content against what’s already ranking highly to make improvements where necessary.

Surfer Seo vs. Clearscope

When it comes to comparing Surfer SEO and Clearscope, the differences are subtle but important. Both tools scrape the first page of Google’s search results and show you which terms appear most often on those pages. They also update in real time as you tweak your content. 

Now let’s have a look at their differences. 

  • SERP Breakdown Feature

Surfer has an extremely detailed SERP breakdown feature that allows users to see exactly how their content stacks up against competitors. It’s a great way to understand where your content stands about others.

On the other hand, Clearscope goes one step further by analyzing whether or not your page’s headers contain the keywords they should—a feature that can be invaluable for optimizing SEO performance.

  • User Experience

In terms of user experience, we found Clearscope much easier to navigate than Surfer. Its UI is cleaner and more intuitive, making it simpler for even novice users to understand what’s going on behind the scenes with their content optimization efforts.

Surfer Seo vs. Clearscope

But perhaps its best feature is its ability to give each piece of content an overall letter grade (and average letter grade) so you know at a glance if any improvements need to be made before publishing online.

  • Pricing

The only downside is that Clearscope tends to be pricier than Surfer. However, depending on what features you’re looking for from an SEO tool, this could still represent good value for money if it helps improve your website’s visibility in organic search results over time.

Ultimately though, both tools have something unique and valuable to offer when it comes to helping brands increase their online presence—it just depends on which one better suits your needs.

Things We Like About SurferSeo

SurferSEO is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for content marketing, increasing online presence, or building a following around a brand or niche. It takes over 500 factors into account to decide what your page needs to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Its Keyword Research Tool

One of the unique features of SurferSEO is its ability to help you nail LSI keywords. This means that it can provide relevant words and phrases related to your main keyword so that your content looks more natural and organic when indexed by search engines.

Surfer’s Content Editor

Surfer has an excellent Content Editor, which makes creating SEO-friendly content easier than ever before. It helps users optimize their web pages by providing real-time recommendations based on data from over 10 million websites worldwide – all without leaving the platform. The editor highlights areas where changes could be made for improved rankings and suggests alternative phrases or keywords which may help boost visibility in search results.

The Grow Flow Feature

This feature is also quite helpful as it provides recommendations on how you can improve the performance of your website based on data from other sites in the same industry.

Tools Integration

SurferSEO’s integrations with important tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, etc., will get you all the information needed in one place without switching between multiple platforms.

Pricing Plans

What’s more? The pricing plans are very reasonable too. Even if you opt for their lowest tier plan ($49/month – annual plan), you still get access to most of their key features and audit of 240 pages a year – not bad at all!

So, overall SurferSEO offers great value for money and should be seriously considered by anyone looking for a reliable SEO toolset.

Where SurferSEO Needs to Do Better

SurferSEO has some great features, but there are definitely areas where it could use improvement. Here we’ve listed all of them. 

  • Buggy Extensions on WordPress

One issue is the buggy extension on WordPress; this isn’t a permanent problem, but it does pop up from time to time and can be annoying.

  • Keyword Research Tool

Another area that needs work is keyword research – Surfer doesn’t get much love for this feature, as most people don’t even bother using it. The tool also tends to generate a lot of hype without providing enough substance in terms of content optimization. 

It would be nice if they focused more on what they do best instead of trying to add bells and whistles that aren’t really necessary or useful.

  • Lack of Choice

Additionally, users can’t prioritize by importance when presented with hundreds of variables which makes optimizing difficult and impractical. 

  • Faulty Information 

Sometimes the data provided by Surfer isn’t totally accurate either; for example, we once saw them claim that Backlinko gets more traffic than Moz, which was obviously not true.

  • The NLP Feature

There’s also an NLP feature included in the tool, which seems kind of pointless – like something just thrown in there so the tool looks “advanced” rather than actually being useful for anything real-world related.

All things considered, though, SurferSEO still offers plenty of value despite its shortcomings – you just have to know how to use all its features properly.

Get Started with SurferSEO

SurferSEO is a powerful solution that enables users to analyze the quality of their content and improve it with ease. With SurferSEO, you can quickly identify issues with your existing content and optimize it for better rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Here’s how to get started.

  • Analyze Your Content

Before you start optimizing your content for SEO purposes, use SurferSEO’s analysis feature to assess the quality of your current web pages or blog posts. SurferSEO’s analysis feature can help you pinpoint which elements need to be improved so that you can prioritize them for SEO optimization. 

You’ll also be able to see which keywords are performing well in terms of ranking on SERPs and which ones need more work.

  • Optimize Your Content

Once you have identified areas where improvements are needed, use SurferSEO’s optimization features to make changes accordingly. These include keyword research tools, such as the Keyword Explorer, copywriting tips like headline analyzer, backlink building tools like Link Finder, meta tag editing options, image optimization features, page speed tests, and more. 

These optimization tools will assist in making sure your web pages and blog entries are optimized for maximum exposure on search engines such as Google and Bing.

  • Track Your Results

Finally, track the progress made by using SurferSEO’s tracking feature. This allows users to monitor their SEO efforts over time by analyzing metrics, such as organic traffic growth rate, keyword rankings, etc., giving them a comprehensive overview of their success in improving their overall visibility online.

With these simple steps taken care of – analyzing your current state, optimizing for better results, and tracking progress – you should be all set up with SurferSEO. Let’s not delay – begin today.

FAQs Related to Surferseo

Yes, SurferSEO is a legitimate content marketing platform. It offers a user-friendly platform with sophisticated tools to help users maximize their search engine visibility and gain insights into how they can further improve.

Its AI-powered algorithms analyze competitor websites and recommend the best strategies for achieving better rankings in SERPs. Furthermore, its detailed reports provide valuable insights into user performance so they can make informed decisions on improving their online presence.

SurferSEO is an advanced SEO tool designed to help content marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media managers, and website owners maximize their online presence. It provides a comprehensive set of features that enable users to analyze the performance of their website’s content in relation to competitors and optimize titles and descriptions for maximum visibility on search engines.

Also, it helps track keyword rankings across multiple locations and devices, identify potential link opportunities; generate reports with actionable insights into SEO performance; and much more. 

All in all, with SurferSEO’s powerful suite of tools, you can gain an edge over your competition by optimizing your site for higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).


Eventually, with SurferSEO’s advanced features, you can leverage the benefits to gain an edge over competitors in search engine rankings. So, start with SurferSEO today and see how it helps boost traffic, engagement, and conversions for your website or blog.

Increase your online presence and build a following around your brand or niche with SurferSEO! Our powerful content marketing solutions will help you reach more customers, boost engagement, and generate leads.

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