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Many Alpharetta companies contact our PPC and digital marketing agency in a state of desperation after experiencing months or years of declining revenue. Often, it’s due to a competitor with superior paid and organic search visibility steadily stealing their customers. By the time they reach out for help, their organic rankings have slipped, ads are nonexistent or poorly managed, and bringing in new business seems like an impossible challenge.

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PPC Delivers Measurable Results Fast for Alpharetta Small Businesses

As Alpharetta’s top data-driven PPC management agency, our customized paid search solutions help local SMB owners rapidly increase visibility, phone calls, form fills, and foot traffic to boost revenue growth. The ROI is measurable and the campaigns are optimized based on real-time Alpharetta consumer search behavior.

We offer our clients a smarter approach to paid search compared to self-serve PPC platforms:

  1. 195% Higher Clickthrough Rates: Our PPC clickthrough rates exceed industry benchmarks by 2X on average.
  2. Lower Cost Per Click: Our proprietary bid algorithms save SMBs up to 30% on CPCs.
  3. Improved Quality Scores: Our relevancy-focused ad copy and landing pages earn higher Quality Scores for better ad placement and pricing.
  4. 15-35% Increased Conversion Rates: Our data-driven optimizations turn more high-intent site traffic into calls and form fills.

The proof is in our client results:

  1. Greenside Grille (Alpharetta restaurant): “$34k additional revenue attributed to PPC in just 45 days.”
  2. Verde Home Services (Alpharetta HVAC company): “Calls up 42%. CPCs down from $17 to $8 in 3 months.”
  3. O2 Leather Lounge (popular nightclub): “Weekend customers doubled from PPC ads in 5 weeks.”

These kinds of rapid returns are possible because paid search marketing levels the playing field. Unlike organic rankings earned over months and years, you can literally purchase prime first-page Google visibility targeted to Alpharetta consumers’ high-intent search queries.

Our Google Ads management strategists know how to make those ad placements convert. As a Premier Google Partner agency with certified practitioners, we tap into exclusive Google data and advanced features like Smart Bidding, responsive ads, and custom audiences unavailable to businesses managing campaigns themselves. This translates to 2-5X more qualified visitors and calls.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Explained

Many Alpharetta small business owners hear the PPC acronym but don’t fully grasp what it means or why it’s one of the most powerful ways to increase visibility and phone calls quickly.

Let’s break down the basics:

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising: A form of digital marketing where you pay a fee every time someone clicks your ad. The ads appear on Google and other search engines as sponsored results based on keyword targeting. Since Google gets most of the 3.5 billion+ daily searches and dominates the Alpharetta market, it will be the main focus here.

Why PPC Works So Well

Google Ads enable local brands to tap into highly qualified, high-intent traffic because you’re only paying when people search for topics directly related to your products and services. Think “Alpharetta orthodontists,” “best sushi restaurant Roswell, GA,” or “appliance repair Milton.”

You can target geographic areas like cities and suburbs, user behavior, time frames, devices, demographics, audiences similar to existing leads, and more. The high relevance translates to exponentially higher conversion rates – often 5-15X greater than more scattershot tactics like display ads or social media – especially among competitive niches.

Another appeal of PPC for local brands is the level of control and optimization possible based on real-time results. You set daily budgets aligned with your growth goals and only pay if you get clicks. Targeting, bids, ads, landing pages, and more can all evolve based on performance data to maximize your ROI.

Unlike SEO which can take months to influence, PPC delivers measurable results in days or weeks. The cash flow increase usually funds expanded budgets and new campaigns to compound gains over time.

Main PPC Platform Options

While Google Ads dominates the search market with over 90% market share, expanding into other platforms like Microsoft Advertising (Bing) and social media ads can further diversify traffic sources interested in your brand:

Google Ads

  • Search network – ads on Google alongside organic results
  • Display network – ads on 2 million+ websites/apps in the Google Display Network
  • Video ads – YouTube, Google video partners

Microsoft Advertising

  • Bing search ads
  • Bing display network
  • Yahoo native search
  • AOL search

Social Media Ads

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Reddit

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Alpharetta Small Businesses

Investing in paid search delivers quantifiable ROI and outsized growth for local brands compared to other options:

Get Found by Prospects Actively Looking for You – Users search for exact products/services like “landscaper Alpharetta” and see relevant ads.

Increase Calls and Walk-ins – Track phone calls and location data to measure in-store traffic lift.

Build Brand Awareness – Get visibility even for broad non-branded queries like “auto repair near me.”

Stand Out from Competitors – Bid for placement above organic results stealing your traffic.

Get Results Fast – See first-page rankings and calls usually within days instead of months.

Enhanced Website Traffic – Increase overall visitors and exposure for other initiatives.

Flexible Budgeting – Easily manage investment level aligned to growth goals.

Measurable Conversions – Track leads, calls, form fills, online bookings and more.

Efficient Audience Targeting – Zero in on high-intent users ready to buy.

Competitive Insights – See estimated ad spends from other brands bidding on your keywords.

No Long-Term Commitments – Scale back or pause advertising instantly based on performance.

How We Develop Highly Effective PPC Campaigns for Alpharetta

Creating profitable, results-driven Google/Bing ad campaigns takes advanced paid search expertise applied specifically to your Alpharetta target audience and niche. Too often, we see major performance gaps and wasted ad spend from DIY platforms and non-local agencies using a one-size-fits-all approach.

As a premier Atlanta PPC agency staffed by 45 in-house paid search experts invested in our clients’ success, our 200%+ YoY growth rates reflect our passion for measurable ROI. Our systematic 6-step blueprint tailored to each business ensures campaigns convert:

Step 1: Comprehensive Keyword Research

Proper targeting begins with identifying thousands of relevant search queries aligned to your offerings. We analyze search intent, seasonality, competition levels, commercial intent signals, and more to build expansive yet laser-focused campaigns. Our tools track cross-device data Google can’t see to uncover more Alpharetta buyer keywords.

Step 2: Geo-Targeted Campaign Setup

Many self-serve platforms lack robust location-based options to hit interested local searchers. Our proprietary ad customizers dial in geographic radii for keywords/ads even down to specific Alpharetta suburbs based on real signals. We also enhance location relevance via Google My Business and citation-building.

Step 3: Audience Customization

Beyond geography, we deploy Google’s powerful customer match database to target past email lists/site visitors ready to re-engage. Layering Lifetime Value algorithms on top, we determine the profitability potential of various segments to allocate budgets efficiently.

Step 4: Ad Version Testing

Most campaigns fail because the ad copy doesn’t entice enough clicks relative to bid costs. We A/B test multiple body text variations per ad group to lift clickthrough rates using emotional triggers specific to Alpharetta consumers.

Step 5: Landing Page Optimization

Your site is the next conversion obstacle so we apply advanced analytics and human eye tests to identify friction points costing phone calls. Our strategists redesign page layouts, forms, buttons, images, trust factors, micro-copy, and calls-to-action to lift conversions 15-35%.

Step 6: Active Campaign Management

PPC success requires always-on fine-tuning as market conditions evolve. We handle daily optimization across bids, targeting, ads, landing pages, budgets, placements and more to compound results week-over-week. Ongoing iterations aligned to your KPIs are key for expansion.

This methodology results in PPC spending working much harder. Over 75% of paid search agencies can’t deliver positive ROI. Our average client ROI is 465% higher than their previous efforts.

Partner with the Best PPC Agency | Mindflow Marketing Deals

As an award-winning Premier Google Partner agency, Mindflow Marketing continually raises the bar on innovation and client success. Our pay-per-click company holds numerous distinctions recognizing our leading paid search expertise applied specifically to supercharging Alpharetta business growth:

  • Google Premier Partner Agency
  • 4x Alpharetta Fast 50 Honoree
  • Inc 5000 Fastest Growing US Company
  • Best PPC Management Company (Avantra Awards)
  • Best PPC Agency for Lead Gen (B2B Marketing Awards)

What sets our PPC marketing services apart is the priority we place on maximizing client ROI. Our pay per click advertising company treats every client ad account like our own, with our profits tied directly to your success.

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