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Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

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We all know how crucial plumbing services are to homeowners. Whether it’s a leaky pipe or bad water pressure, your plumbing business helps millions of homes run smoothly and efficiently.

Plus, with the sheer size of the home sector, the plumbing industry is booming. So then, why are you struggling to generate plumbing leads?

Perhaps you’ve been a staple in the community, but the phone just isn’t ringing off the hook like you know it should. Sure, you’re keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine, but you’re not growing your customer base by much.

What you need are these six effective plumbing lead-generation strategies! Keep reading to find all the answers you need to get more plumbing leads.

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1. Learn and Master Local SEO

When it comes to dealing with a plumbing issue, your customers are frantically looking for a plumber to save the day. Their first step is pulling out their phone and Googling the solution.

If your plumbing business isn’t showing up on the first page of the search results, you might as well be invisible.

In the early days, a website was enough to help a plumbing business. Now, there’s competition online, and you’ll need more to grab a potential customer’s attention. If you’re not landing on the first page, your potential plumbing customers will go straight to your competitors.

That’s where Search Engine Optimization – otherwise known as SEO – comes into play.

A strong SEO campaign can help you climb to the top of the search results, outshine your competitors, and generate exclusive plumbing leads.

If your plumbing business wants to reap these benefits, you need to optimize your online presence. An effective first step in your SEO campaign is setting up a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business).

When someone searches for a plumber in their area, you want your business to be at the top. Strive to create a strong profile complete with all the relevant information leads need to get in contact.

2. Elevate and Optimize Your Plumbing Website

We all understand the importance of a strong website. As a plumbing company, you’ve likely already got one. But the key question is: is it optimized with your customers and search engines in mind?

Think about when potential customers search “plumbers near me.” They want to find someone who looks professional and knows what they’re doing. A poorly designed website can turn potential customers off faster than a leaky faucet.

So, how do you turn your website into a lead-generating machine? Here’s how:

  • Optimize your website with a clean, user-friendly design. Customers should be able to find what they need in one click. This means clear navigation, a list of services, helpful shortcuts, and relevant content that anticipates their needs and questions.
  • Fast and mobile-friendly. Your website needs to load in under 3 seconds, or you’ll risk losing impatient customers. Additionally, more than half of online searches for plumbing services happen on a mobile device.
  • Include lead-generating “nudges.” People tend to procrastinate, especially when a plumbing problem isn’t an emergency. So make sure your website has calls to action (CTAs), contact forms, and special offers featured front and center. 

3. Invest in Email Marketing

While some leads may not turn into immediate customers, there’s still potential to help them with plumbing services down the road. One way your business can stay in the mind of a plumbing lead is email marketing.

The purpose of email marketing is to stay in touch with your customers, generate leads by offering specials, and enhance brand awareness. This will not only help convert leads into customers but also turn existing customers into repeat customers.

To begin with email marketing, you must first build an email list. One effective way to do this is by including email capture forms on your website. You’ll entice leads to submit their email addresses in exchange for special offers or valuable blogs.

After you’ve built up an email list, you can begin sending out emails that engage your target audience. Each email should prompt users to take a specific action, such as requesting a quote. It should also include a link that directs them to a page on your website where they can complete that action.

While this strategy may take some time to turn those plumbing leads into paying customers, you’ll be building trust. And when potential customers trust you, they’re more willing to open their wallets to your service.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing

Many plumbing companies overlook the need for social media when running their business. But the reality is: if you’re not using social media to market your plumbing business, you’re missing out on huge plumbing lead generation opportunities.

We can guarantee that over 90% of your potential customers have social media. This is where they spend most of their time. Marketing on social media is incredibly effective for increasing brand awareness and attracting exclusive plumbing leads.

With that said, you’ll need engaging content to make this happen. Hiring a professional is your best bet to make this lead-generation strategy work. They know which social media platform is best for your plumbing business and how to best market your services.

You can even take this a step further with paid social media marketing, especially in-feed advertising. This allows you to place ads right in the middle of users’ social media feeds and target custom audiences based on location and age.

5. Encourage Reviews with a Customer Referral Program

Satisfied customers can quickly become brand evangelists for your plumbing business. They love to spread the word about their positive experiences, which can translate into free advertising and more plumbing leads for you!

One way to encourage this kind of organic promotion is by implementing a customer referral program. Referral programs are a powerful tool for encouraging customers to refer your business.

Getting started is simple:

  • Choose an incentive that appeals to your customers. This could be a discount on their next plumbing service or a free consultation or maintenance appointment.
  • Promote your referral program through email campaigns or follow-up texts. Explain how it works and what rewards are on offer.
  • Give customers something to talk about. Deliver top-notch customer service and advice on all plumbing jobs.

Ultimately, a referral program can supply a steady stream of plumbing leads without you needing to spend a fortune.

6. Analyze Your Marketing Efforts

We now know that effective marketing strategies are essential for generating plumbing leads. But it’s equally important to measure their effectiveness.

That’s why tracking your return on investment (ROI) is crucial to creating a successful and scalable lead generation campaign. If you’re not paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, you’ll end up wasting a significant amount of time and money.

By monitoring your ROI, you can identify which marketing strategy is most profitable and eliminate the ones that aren’t. You also need to track the number of leads and return customers your campaigns are generating, including where they’re coming from.

You can find these sources by regularly analyzing website data and consolidating your efforts on the most successful channels.


How do you create a consistent flow of leads?

To create a steady flow of leads, you need to first understand your target audience. Targeting the wrong people will result in little to no leads. Additionally, you need solid marketing strategies and a focused approach to lead generation. You need to identify what marketing channel is producing the best flow of leads and work on optimizing it.

Why do plumbing businesses have a hard time generating leads?

There are various reasons why plumbing service providers may struggle with generating leads. One may be a lack of effective marketing strategies or funds for lead generation services. Another may be increased competition in the industry, making it harder to stand out.

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